Sponsor or Advertise on our Hot Air Balloon

If you would like to advertise your company name on our hot air balloon, that flies regularly in the South West of England, we offer the following sponsorship options:

  • Envelope Sponsorship
  • Basket Banner Sponsorship
  • Trailer Sponsorship

Although the 4-flight balloon group is non-commercial in nature, we do actively seek sponsorship for our balloon. Our balloons are mainly flown in the Bristol, Somerset and Gloucester area and predominately in the summer months. We also regularly attend several UK and European Hot Air Balloon festivals.

The highlight of our summer flying is the annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

Our sponsorship arrangements are very simple:

  • The preparation of advertising banners and material is at cost and can be either arranged by the sponsor or can be done on the sponsors behalf.
  • A donation is made by the sponsor to our flying account toward our annual insurance premium.

Potential sponsors should note the following:

  • In return for sponsoring us we will carry the agreed advertising for a period of time, normally for not less than 6 months.
  • We are not able to agree to any minimum number of flights, but based on past experience we fly between 10 - 20 flights a year in the Bristol area.
  • We can not agree to carry passengers as part of the sponsorship deal. To do this requires a commercial pilot and operation licences, which we do not have.
  • We normally make every effort to attend the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta and have a confirmed entry for 2006. However, like all ballooning, the event is weather dependent.

Option 1 - Envelope Sponsorship

Typical Envelope Sponsorship

Any envelope artwork can be transferred to a special balloon banner, which is attached to our envelope. These banners can be purchased complete with artwork either from Cameron Balloons in Bristol, or from the Zebedee Balloons service.

For example the cost of the banner shown in the picture was in the region of £350 +vat. Ideally there would be at least two banners, one either side of the envelope.

To fly the envelope over a six month period we would suggest a donation of £250to our balloon account.

There will of curse be many opportunities to take photos of the balloon complete with advertising for promotional purposes.

Option 2 - Basket Sponsorship

Typical Basket Sponsorship

A basket banner too is an effective way of displaying advertising a company name or slogan.

The size of the banner is 400 cm long and 76 cm wide and can either have continuous artwork or discrete artwork on each of the four basket sides. A banner including artwork can be obtained from a number of local graphic advertising companies.

The cost of the banner shown in the picture is approximately £100,-

To fly a basket banner for 12 months we would suggest a donation of £250,- to our balloon account.

Option 3 - Trailer Sponsorship

Trailer Sponsorship