How much does it cost to operate a balloon

A. Propane

A typical flight will last about 1 hour during which our somewhat old balloons will use about 100 litres of propane. About 10% less during the cooler winter months. We refill our balloon at the local gas depot where they charge £ 0.38 per litres (June 06).

Propane Gas: £ 40,- per flight

B. Farmers Gifts

Its customary to give the farmer on whose filed you have landed on a small gift. Usually this is a bottle of wine or whiskey. The BBAC suggest about £ 4 per head with a minimum of £12,-.

Farmers Gift: £12,- per flight

C. Insurance

Our annual balloon insurance which protects our equipment against theft and damage on the ground and provides third party insurance whilst we are flying costs just under £900,- per year based on a maximum of 20 flights.

D. Envelope Depreciation

The life of a hot air balloon envelope is limited to between 250 and 250 hours depending on use, quality and other factors, such as storage and loading. A new V-77 balloon envelope will cost you about £7000,-. Based on an average flight time of 1.2 hours and a life of 270 hours this work out at £31,- per flight.

Items A. and B. are cost directly attributed to the flight and these cost are shared between those flying in the basket including the pilot. Based on these the contibution expected per passenger per flight is £26 for a two person flight (including the pilot) or £18 for A three person flight (including the pilot).